2020 Season

snnlogoIt’s the start of a new season! Big things happened for us last year with the Heinz History Museum, Cub Scouts earning their merit badges in Space Exploration… we are looking forward to a wonderful year again! We are talking to South Park Community Recreation Dept about a youth class and launch in July. More info will be shared as the plans unfold. All of our insurance certificates have been acquired, and updates made to NAR and this website.

Please remember to obtain or renew your NAR membership, it provides valuable insurance coverage for yourself, as well as supports the Association to help it expand and provide our club with support!

Carnegie Science Center Event

snnlogoApril 1 launch has been rescheduled due to it being Easter (oops!), We will now launch the following Sunday 8. April 20 we are participating in a 21+ night at Carnegie Science Center entitled “Don’t Try This at Home!” where stuff will be blown up, set on fire, and electrical currents will flow! We will be setting up a booth to educate people on the hobby, and not to be out done by the other demonstrations we will strap in a motor and “launch” a rocket right there in the Science Center! More info about the event can be found here. If you are a club member and want to be involved or want more info, contact Greg.

February Update

snnlogoAs the beginning of our second year is upon us we have been looking to improve and grow. First, the new and improved website is now live, as you obviously know. The section charter has been renewed for another year, as well as our insurance policy. The 2018 launch schedule will be as it was last year; first Sunday of every month. We are looking to secure an auxiliary site for doing mid and high power launches a couple times a year. Please let us know if you have any potential leads.

We will be drafting a set of club bylaws to be voted on and put into effect January 2019. This will include club officer appointments, membership dues, launch fees (if any), budget plans, and other administrative responsibilities. If you would like to give input on this, and/or vote on the implementation, we will be sharing the draft with everyone soon, and we will hold a club meeting TBA towards the end of the year. If you can’t attend, we will be sure that everyone has the opportunity to put in their vote by whatever means works. So far the March launch on the 4th is a GO, but it’s early so please check back here for an update the day before the launch to be sure. Look forward to seeing everyone again!