All launches and activities for 2020 are cancelled, however please contact us if you would like to be added to our email list for future updates!

March 28: Update on COVID-19 Policy for National Association of Rocketry

The recommendations from the White House and CDC on minimizing the risk and spread of COVID-19 continue to be that all “Avoid social gatherings in groups of 10 people.”

This recommendation is pretty clear and should be followed by all to help slow down and stop this rapidly growing health concern.

Based on the current recommendations of the federal government; and increasingly many states and local governments that require people to stay home, as the President of the NAR Board, I am extending the following policy to remain in effect until April 16, 2020:

1. All NAR Sections shall postpone or cancel Section launches, meetings, and other group activities during this period.
2. There shall be no organized launches, meetings, and other group activities of 10 or more persons during this period.

I will send an update on the policy on or before April 16.

I ask that all members please adhere to the intent and spirit of this policy and help to protect all who would be attending a launch from the possible infection of this virus.

Thank you and please be safe!

John Hochheimer
National Association of Rocketry